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Adding columns at the end of the chart

Jul 17 at 9:11 AM
First, Thanks for the code! It's really useful for my application :)

Have you any idea of how I could change the code to have more visible columns at the end of the chart?
Right now, It looks like it's searching for the latest date of active tasks and it adds 8 columns.

Thank you in advance!
Aug 1 at 7:47 AM
I just found the solution: the modification is in Chart.cs > _GenerateModels() and you need to modify this line:
_mViewport.WorldWidth = Math.Max(pWidth, end * this.BarWidth + XXX);
Where XXX is the number of pixel you want after the latest active task ! This will naturally add columns at the end of the chart.

Hope it will be helpful to someone :)
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